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  • Trying out all the great features of this calendar system. * Looks like a nice calendar.* But it does require a user to first register. Somehow I have so many logins for compgen (VO, Gedbas, Mitgliederverzeichnisse, Genwiki, and all those twice because some things I do for a society as well), that it took me 15 minutes to get logged in. I also discover that appartently now am listed twice as a user because I apparently registered with another set of login details when I first tried out this function back in October 2020. 😅

    UPDATE * So it seems that the plan for the future is to make the features currently within the "TREFFPUNKT" (Calendar and Chat) - which are currently only viewable by registered users - publicly viewable. Question remains - viewable only? or will the public be able to submit events, too? (*Answer - from Compgen board member - no. For a number of reasons they require submitters to be registered at compgen (not a member, but registered with an account.)

    I wanted to add a graphic (society logo) to this entry. the event description. It looks like I cannot drag and drop, or upload a graphic directly from my computer - do I need to link to somewhere where I have already uploaded the photo - or how exactly do I do it?*

    Looks like I can upload an attachment from my computer - see below - but not a graphic?

    *Update *- I added graphics as attachments - the first shows up in the banner, it and others show up below. But I'm still puzzled about how to add a photo or graphic to the event description.

    Also looks like I can't have a graphic associated with the event titel - and a difference graphic/graphics in the event description. Maybe the feature exists, but I don't see it.

    This is the link to the tockify calendar.

    **UPDATE: **I nice feature is that I can go back and edit my event entry myself. 👍

    I indicated that the location of the event is "Online via Zoom". The calendar seems set up to assume that all events are located somewhere physically, and tries to connect the location to the integrated map. It would be good to be able to choose if the location is a physical one on a map, or online. If online, a field for the registration or event itself should be available.

    UPDATE: The Übersicht of events on the "Veranstaltungen" page is nice - but the sorting order should be changed. When I select sort by "Zuletzt erstellt", the most recently added event appears at the very bottom of the list - it should appear at the top. Same with "Bald stattfindend". The next event appears at the bottom - should be at top of list. Sort by "Titel" also is reverse alpha.
    *UPDATE:(2021-10-04) * The sort has been fixed.

    In the Monatsansicht, I actually have to click on the event to see details/description of the event. Would be nicer to have a pop-up display when I move my mouse over the event name.

    UPDATE: also on the Übersicht page there is a button for "Feed für Veranstaltungen" - I think this must be a the button to subscribe to the calendar. I clicked it and get a link - but as an end user I don't really know what to do with the link. It would be nice to be able just to click, choose my calendar, and be done. The "other calendar" also allows the user to save individual events to one's calendar rather than an all or nothing approach via feed.

    UPDATE: *~~ I don't see a way to search the calendar~~ Found the search - it is the general search of the whole site (Dashboard/Treffpunkt/Entdecken). Seems nice for the society - can find stuff in all areas. Might be nice for non-society users to be able to just use and search the calendar.
    UPDATE:(2021-10-04) ** - when using the search - can filter to just search "events", for example.

    *UPDATE *- as you can see, the formatting seems straight forward when editing - but the result isn't always what one expects - even after using the "View" function.

    UPDATE - seems like a ton of functions within the wechange.de team platform that can be useful for society committees and work groups. The trick will be to make it easy to understand and use for the average society member. https://wechange.de/cms/features/

    UPDATE - a nice feature of other calendars is to be able to enter repeating events once, then indicate with one or two clicks how often and when the event will repeat...I don't find that function in this calendar.

    UPDATE - I don't find any built in way to share a specific event post...to social media - I guess the only way is to copy the URL and post that link? The "other calendar" has shortcuts for posting the event to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or to email the event.

    UPDATE - another nice feature of "other calendars" and a ~~bit ~~ bigtime saver for the member who has to post calendar entries, is the ability to be able to copy and past from another formated source document - or from the society web page - and insert into the calendar description with all formatting (bold, italic) and intact links (to Zoom, to other webpages, to downloads.). I just tested here and the text copies, but all formating and links are lost and need to be reset.

    UPDATE - another nice feature of "other calendars" - and which I don't find here, is the ability to format single words - see above paragraph. I wanted to cross out bit - it was misspelled and should be big - I highlighted the word, then clicked the icon above to cross it out...ended up with the rest of the paragraph crossed out. FURTHER UPDATE - Ok, in the viewer it shows the rest of the above paragraph crossed out - but after saving, I don't see anything crossed out. I'm working in Chrome. Does it appear any differently in another browser? - UPDATE (2021-10-04) - working in Chrome - everything appears crossed out. - OOPS! Appears crossed out only in edit mode. After saving - nothing is crossed out.

    This is a test of formatting functions.
    This is a test of formatting functions. (Should be in bold)
    This is a test of formatting functions. (Should be in italics)
    This is a test of formatting functions. (Should be crossed out)
    This is a** test** of formatting functions. (Only test should be bold)
    This is a *test *of formatting functions. (Only test should be in italics)
    This is a test of formatting functions. (Only test should be crossed out - and there should be no italics)
    Hmm - don't know what to say about the results - or what is causing them.

    UPDATE (2021-01-19) - another nice function in "other calendars" is the "Status" function. With that, you can easily mark an event with a big red button that shows when the status of an event has changed - for example, when an event is canceled, postponed - date to be announced, rescheduled to a new date, moved online (from a physical location), rescheduled and moved online. I attached a screen shot of an example entry below (because I don't know how to add a photo to this description area.) This would have been good for Klaus-Peter's canceled the test event KPW due to our discussion in the comments.

    UPDATE (2021-01-19) clicked the arrow below to indicate that this content should appear in the "wechange rollout" project. I'm not sure that it should appear there, but it is a test.

    UPDATE (2021-01-19) It seems that one could put a direct link to an online meeting in this calendar entry - and upon clicking, the event would open. See this example - looks like the link is "Vidoe Chat" https://wechange.de/group/forum/event/online-wo...

    UPDATE (2021-01-19) Would be nice if - like in "other calendar" - my grammar and spelling checking tool would work here. 😳

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