What's New

Version: 1.19.0

Version 1.19.0 released

Includes further settings for conferences, RocketChat integration improvements and more.

The update includes:

  • (BigBlueButton) Added a setting to change the conference room welcome message.
  • (BigBlueButton) Fixed the presentation file setting of conferences not being inherited by their conference rooms.
  • (RocketChat) The chat element in the group and project dashboards is now only loaded after it has been actively clicked. This optimizes page loading times and saves resources.
  • (RocketChat) Security and platform-integration improvements.
  • Events from event polls are created with a default duration of one hour.
  • (Admin) Fixed an error that could occur when converting projects to groups or vice versa.
  • Minor bugfixes and text improvements.

Version: 1.18.0

Version 1.18.0 released

Includes the "What's New" feature, a quick way to copy conference invitations, a security update, and more.

The update includes:

  • A "What's new" page, showing the release notes for the platform.
  • Copy a conference invitation to the clipboard from the conference interface.
  • Some font changes and improvements.
  • Fix bug in group and project membership handling.
  • Tags accross the site now link to the search page.
  • Fix assigning Todos via the user avatar.
  • Improve reliability of newsletter sending.
  • Security updates.
  • Further minor bugfixes.

Version: 1.17.1

Version 1.17.1 released

Includes dynamic registration form and dynamic options for participation for conferences.

The update includes:

  • Dynamic registration form for conferences
  • Dynamize options for participation for conferences
  • Library Update of Moment.js
  • Update Matomo tracking to include better options